Wear the trousers là gì

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"Wear the trousers" = mặc quần -> nghĩa là người (thường là phụ nữ) trụ cột trong mối quan hệ, đưa ra quyết định cho cả đôi bên.
Ví dụShe wears the trousers. Celia has spoken out about how she believes she is in charge (nắm quyền) in their marriage. Speaking on Good Morning Britain in May 2018, she responded to the question of whether she wore the trousers, saying: Uhh yes, I think so!
Another guessed that Vogue wears the trousers in the relationship, to which Vogue replied: To be honest were pretty equal (bình đẳng). I kind of run the house and do the organising but it doesnt mean I wear the trousers
In a statement on Facebook, the zoo said: "Fabi was a beautiful, confident (tự tin) big cat who was always more than happy to take the back seat with his relaxed nature, and let mate Shakira wear the trousers in the relationship.
The mum-of-five also shared with fans a hint (gợi ý) as to who seems to wear the trousers in the relationship by captioning the photos: "Date night with the Boss @carljwoods".
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