Tiếng Anh lớp 6 GRAMMAR Practice trang 122

Unit 11 lớp 6: Grammar Practice

Unit 11: What do you eat?

Grammar Practice (trang 122 SGK Tiếng Anh 6)

1. Present simple tense (thì Hiện tại đơn) Quảng cáo


a) Do you like noodles?

Yes, I like noodles.

Do you like rice?

No, I don't like rice.

b) Does she like chickery?

Yes, she likes chickery.

Does she like fish?

No, she doesn't like fish. Quảng cáo

2. a, an, some, any

a) Do you have any bananas?

No, I don't have any bananas, but I have some oranges.

I would like an orange (some oranges), please.

b) Do we have any drinks?

There is some fruit juice on the table.

c) Do we have any soda?

There is some on the shelf in the kitchen.

I would like a can of soda.

3. Adjectives (Tính từ)

a) He isn't tall. He is short.

b) He isn't fat. He is thin.

c) He isn't heavy. He is light.

d) He isn' weak. He is strong.

e) He isn't hungry. He is full.

f) He isn't hot. He is cold.

g) His lips aren't full. They are thin.

h) His hair isn't short. It is long. Quảng cáo

4. Question words (Từ để hỏi)

a) Who is in living room?

Bi and Fifi are in living room.

b) What is Bi doing?

He is doing his homework.

c) How much homework does he have?

He has a lot of homework.

d) What is Fifi doing?

She is sleeping.

e) Where is she?

She is under the table.

5. Contrast (Phân biệt)

a) She eats a lot of fruit.

She is eating an apple now.

b) They drink juice.

They are drinking some juice at the moment.

c) He rides his bicycle every day.

He is riding his bicycle at the moment.

d) She goes to bed early.

She is going to bed now.

e) She gets up early.

She is getting up now.

f) She travels by bus.

She is traveling by bus now.

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