Tác hại của ngành du lịch bằng tiếng Anh

Hãy viết một đoạn văn nói về những tiêu cực của ngành du lịch đối với đất nước ( Hãy viết bằng tiếng anh) and Không chép mạng

One of the disadvantages of tourism is damage to the environment of a country or region. In the first place, tourists use a lot of local resources like water, food, energy, etc., and this puts pressure on the environment. Secondly, there is pollution problem. Many cities and towns become overcrowded with tourists, with all their vehicles causing traffic jams as well as air and noise pollution. Another bad effect of tourism is the destruction of wildlife in some places. The habitats of plants and wildlife are lost due to the construction of tourist areas and tourist activities. In short, the development of tourism has an adverse impact on the environment.

One of the undesirable aspects of tourism development is environmental degradation in destinations. Firstly, more and more natural resources such as water, energy, and soil are exploited due to the increase in visitor numbers, which may lead to the depletion of local resources. Secondly, pollution is also a serious issue making the authorities worried. Obviously, beverage bottles or cans and plastic bags are freely disposed of at the tourist sites, posing a threat to the natural environment. Besides, the growth of vehicles to meet travel demand accidentally triggers or worsens traffic congestion, air and noise pollution in the overcrowded regions. Another bad influence of tourism is the devastation of the wildlife. The habitats of many wild plants and animals have been gradually lost because of building hotels, resorts and recreational zones. In brief, these negative impacts on the environment will be more serious if there are not appropriate measures.

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