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Q:Đâu là sự khác biệt giữa biased against và biased toward ? Q:Đâu là sự khác biệt giữa bias và prejudice   và preconception ? Q:Đâu là sự khác biệt giữa gender/racial discrimination歧视 và gender/racial bias ? Q: I was worried about the bias of nutrition because I only ate two slices of bread or cereal for breakfast recently. So I decided to eat an egg every morning. It's a simple recipe that my mother taught me, first crack an egg into a small cup, second pour 50 cc of water into the cup, third heat the cup in microwave for 1 minute and 40 seconds, then you will get an easily cooked poached egg. Thats all. I eat this poached egg every day. I'm happy because my breakfast has better balance of nutrition and taste now.

( I'd like to know native-like expressions for these sentences. )  cái này nghe có tự nhiên không? Q:BIAS. I've thought it means prejudice, or give sb prejudice. but these days I guess it means sb's favorite one of idol group or movie characters.. it is just a homonym? or bias that means tendency has developed into today's? which do you think the first meaning to see the word=D Q: We must throw away the bias toward women especially working environments.  cái này nghe có tự nhiên không? Q:"There is a bias against Asian students (the ORM I think youre referring to) but not in the way you might think. " what is ORM here? A:It means that you aren't being fair in how you examine something.

For example, if I got into a car accident and my mom saw, she wouldn't be a good witness in court, because she is biased in my favor. Of course my mom is going to take my side over a stranger's.

Another way this is used is politically. A newspaper may be said to have a liberal or conservative bias. In America, for example, if a newspaper has a conservative bias, it will criticize Democrats more than Republicans, and might even make excuses when Republicans do the same thing that they criticized the Democrats for.

You can use it in any situation where someone likes one thing more than something else and it affects how they speak or act in an unfair way. A:Means that you are thinking something based on your opinion whether fact or fiction A:Oh wait, you speak English and I'm bad at Korean. Its the member in a group that someone likes the most. Typically, these are Korean groups A:when you are biased, you prefer one thing over another. It doesn't always have to be a negative thing either.

For example, "In the kpop group Shinee, I am biased towards Onew." That means I like him best and I'm more interested in what he does compared to the other members.

It gets more negative when you are biased towards a certain group of people or ethnicity. For example, if you're biased towards your own people you may think they are better at certain things in certain cases.

As a result, you can have a biased opinion where you favour one side more than another and so are not treating both sides equally.

I hope this made sense. :) A:1. she's got a bias against/towards/in favour of him
2. political bias
3. She has a atrong artistic biasA:He had a biased opinion
The New York Times is a biased newspaper
She gave a biased answer A:dont be bias. just because you like blue.
im not being bias! my bias is . not because i like blue. A:Trump has a strong anti-immigrant bias.

I am biased towards her because she was always nice to me.

What's your bias?
Well, I believe in free trade and open markets.

That prof is so biased! He only teaches the good facts about Franco and never talks about the problems. A:The media is biased.
There are news stations with a liberal bias. A:Prejudice is like a bias but always negative, whereas bias can be positive or negative. A:To be biased against something means that your past beliefs and morals lead you to be against what ever issue is being spoken about.

Biased for means that your beliefs brought you to the conclusion that you agree with what is being spoken about.

A:Bias = A side that you lean toward due to your belief. It is mostly used when people are giving you information, like in the news. You want your news to be unbiased so that the person isnt stating their opinions that they have, just the facts.

Prejudice = A feeling you have towards somebody or something before you ever see it. Mostly used when taking about race. If you dont like someone because of the way they look, without knowing if they are actually nice, that is a prejudice. A:Preconception means an idea before learning anything about it.

I came to learn without any preconceptions.

Bias is favor shown to one side over another, implies it is unfair.

The home team had less fouls because the referee was biased.

Prejudice is usually a negative idea about someone or something that is not based on reality or experience.

The manager was very prejudiced against women, saying he would not promote them because they were inferior.

A bit of a long answer, but the differences are more subtle than obvious. A:Discrimination is focused on the actions as a result of bias.  For instance, say a certain business owner is racist, and as a result of their bias, they don't hire a qualified candidate of a certain ethnicity.  It would then be considered racial discrimination. A:An example sentence of bias could be, "the referee of this game has an unfair bias towards one of the teams" A:You did a good job but just needed to change a few word choices and phrasing of words

I was worried about my lack of nutrition because I have only been eating two slices of bread or cereal for breakfast, so I decided to eat an egg every morning.
This is a simple poached egg recipe that my mother taught me, first crack an egg into a small cup, pour 50 cc of water into the cup, heat the cup in the microwave for 1 minute and 40 seconds, and the egg should be ready to eat. This is an easy recipe for poached egg that can be made every day. I'm happy because my breakfast has better balance of nutrition and taste now.

A:It means that you think the other person's opinion/decision or whatever is/was influenced by something else.

"To sense" = you have a feeling that

"bias" is a conscious or unconscious influence on your judgement/decision, etc. A person could be biased that they get a commission from a product they are trying to sell you, so they may not be the most objective. Another bias are psychological biases, such as you may not make an objective judgement cause you are scared, etc. A: bias means a side one prefers. For example a parent will say their kid is the dance recital but she's biased because it is her child. Someone might argue that they like dogs more than cays because they are biased towards dogs.

So yes it can be used for those because it means something they prefer to other things. A:A better way to say this would be: "We must get rid of bias towards women, especially within the job sector." I think "working environments" is too vague (there are clearer, less awkward phrases you can use instead).

You can also say "We have to stop being biased towards female employees." A:I believe it is "over-represented minority". An over-represented minority is a group of people (a minority, so <50%) that has a higher percentage in a specific field/group than their percentage in the overall population.

For example, if 1% of all people in China were Caucasians (White people), but 5% of students in China were Caucasians, then Caucasians would be an over-represented minority in Chinese student populations because you would expect there to only be 1%. That's not a real statistic, just trying to explain.

I am guessing the article you were reading is probably about college applications in America? That term is mainly used in that kind of article, or articles about prisons.

Hope that helps!

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